What are hypnobirthing classes?

Hypnobirthing is an antenatal class that utilises self-hypnosis and meditation to help birthing people and their birthpartners focus on techniques to reduce fear, pain and anxiety around  childbirth. Hypnobirthing techniques are learnt through practices such as guided meditation (self-hypnosis), breathwork, visualisation, positive affirmations, and so much more. But keep in mind, this is just 10% of what a hypnobirthing class involves.  Hypnobirthing Australia’s Positive Birth Class is one of the most well-rounded birth education class in Australia.  We recommend you learn these techniques from a certified professional or a verified Hypnobirthing Australia course. 

What are hypnobirthing classes?

  • In-person classes 

These classes are run by certified Hypnobirthing Australia practitioners to go through the course with you either privately or in a group setting.  If you are in Melbourne and are able to take advantage of this in-person course with Melissa at Little Bird Flies, you will learn the course material and all the hands on techniques in a more hands-on and intimate setting. You have the choice of joining a small group course or private one-on-one sessions.

  • Live webinar classes

Modern technology has allowed facilitators to offer hypnobirthing classes via live webinars with parents who prefer to do them from the comfort of their own homes. So, no matter where you are in Australia, you can sign up to learn a hypnobirthing course with Melissa. Melissa is a Certified Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner, teaching Hypnobirthing Australia’s Positive Birth program to birthing individuals and their birth partners from all over Melbourne and Australia wide online. 

If preferred, parents can choose to do this class in a group or private setting. 

  • Hypnobubs online, own pace learning 

The Hypnobirthing Australia™, Positive Birth Program, offers an alternative learning option for couples with complex schedules that make it challenging to attend regular classes. Hypnobubs Australia’s complete online course is specifically designed for expectant parents & birth partners preparing for a positive and empowered birth but unable to make it to classes. These classes allow you to learn the basic concepts and preparation techniques online and at your own pace. 

What can you expect to learn in a Hypnobirthing Australia class?

  • The Mind-Body Connection (Anatomy and Physiology 101)

Before we can learn all the tools and techniques to a more smooth and empowered labour and birth we must understand the importance of the mind-body connection as well as a little anatomy and physiology of childbirth crash course! You will learn how to cultivate and maintain a positive mindset and we will also look at the crucial function of the caregiver/ and birth partner and how they can best support you.  You will learn about:

  • Fear-Tension-Pain Syndrome
  • Causes of Fear (including history) and how it affects our labour
  • Re-programming the Subconscious
  • The language for empowered birthing
  • The toolkit for birth 

First, we will teach you and in particular your birth partner how to create a little “birth cave”- a wonderfully calm and supportive environment that is conducive to getting all your labouring hormones flowing in an abundance at all the right times.  You will learn how to utilise all your senses to condition your body and help facilitate your labour and birth with more ease.  You will learn a number of self-hypnosis (meditation) techniques, scripts and Mp3s, you will begin building a birth music playlist; one that will get all your happy hormones flowing and your body relaxing.   You will learn how to use essential oils and familiar scents to help you feel safe and supported and how to access all the resources to help you make safe and informed decisions for you and your baby. Following that, you will learn how to create hypnotic anchors and the power of touch through light touch massage and acupressure techniques. We will then devote a significant amount of time on one of the fundamental skills at the heart of hypnobirthing: breathwork and relaxation breath techniques.

  • Relaxation Breathing – a skill for life
  • Surge Breathing – the tool to help you surrender to the sensations of your body.
  • Techniques to help make your surges more comfortable
  • The ‘urge’ to push/bear down – Breathing/Bearing down
  • How to prepare for an empowered birth

This section of the course will familiarise you with all the different pathways your birthing journey may take and learn that no matter the circumstances you can still have an incredibly joyful and empowering birth experience.  You will learn about your pain relief options, induction of labour, assisted deliveries and so much more. You will learn about your rights as a childbearing person, all the different types of maternity care available to you here in Australia, how to create your birth plan or birth preferences and most importantly you will learn how to ask all the right questions so that you can make safe and empowered decisions for you and your baby. 


  • Bringing it all together 

This is the exciting part!!!  We’ve helped hundreds of locals and expecting-parents Australia wide experience empowered birth with Hypnobirthing Australia’s Positive Birth Course.  This is where we bring everything we have learnt all together.  You will learn about all the different stages of labour and birth and learn how to implement all the knowledge, tools and techniques throughout. You’ll learn how to spot the signs that labour is starting and what to do during each stage. You’ll be confident from the moment labour begins.  You are already a step ahead of most, by taking a hypnobirthing class. You will know when to call the hospital or your midwife and you will know how to listen to your body and act accordingly.  We will have prepared for all the different pathways your birth may take including an accidental home or car birth, assisted delivery or emergency c-section.  The course will also help with practical knowledge about what to expect afterwards, and we’ll establish a detailed practice routine for you and your birth partner. 

If you still have some questions about our hypnobirthing classes, feel free to give us a call at Little Bird Flies, and we can discuss our range of courses that cater to any schedule and any learning pace. We offer hypnobirthing classes in Melbourne. And you can take online classes from anywhere in Australia – Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Townsville, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Central Coast, Geelong, Newcastle, Canberra, and Wollongong.

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