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Have a cuppa and pick my brain with all your questions!

What's in a consult?


So, you’ve just found out you’re pregnant…What’s next?

Do you go public or Private? What is the difference between the two? Is homebirth safe? And what on earth is a Doula?

So many questions roll into your head as soon as you see those little blue lines pop up on your pee stick and googling the answers just doesn’t quite cut it!  And the problem is, you answer one question and another 10 pop up!!  That’s where I come in! I’m here to chat, to listen and to help answer those questions.

You might even be a little further along and have found your care provider but just not getting the full support that you need.  Physically…our medical system has got your back, they are all over pregnancy, birth and postpartum when it comes to ensuring you are physically well but what we forget is that your emotional health is just as important when it comes to maternity care.  WE KNOW that if we have the mind and body working together, birth proceeds in its natural form…undisturbed and with greater ease.

So, what might we cover in this 90 minute session?

·       Your Pregnancy care and birth options- models of care, public versus private, home birth and what the fudge is a Doula?

·       How to create a birth plan or birth preferences that are right for you.

·       Any fears you might have around pregnancy, birth or the post-partum period.

·       An understanding of the physiology of birth- how your body works and how you can help it labour efficiently.

·       You might be planning a caesarean birth- what does this involve? What will the day of birth look like?

·       Tools to help you labour and surrender to the intense sensations of your body.

·       An induction of labour is being suggested…we can discuss what this looks like and build a small toolkit of how to work with each stage of labour.

·       Your rights as a childbearing individual, how to advocate for yourself and make informed decisions that are right for you and your baby.

·       Debrief your birth.

·       How to prepare for the postpartum period? Your first few weeks as a parent.

·       Anything you want to talk about around pregnancy, birth and postpartum


·       How your partner can support and advocate for you in labour.

After a session with me you will be feeling less overwhelmed and more in control.

You will feel like you have all these choices but you have the ability to make a decision that truly suits you and your baby’s needs and no one else’s.

You will feel empowered and have the confidence to trust yourself, knowing that your power comes from education, knowledge and preparation.  You will feel capable of making informed decisions and be able to advocate for yourself and your baby.

You will feel positive …even a little excited for your birth and parenting journey!  Having a plan and a vision for your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey is so important and instils confidence in your abilities as a parent to a newborn.  It creates the foundations for an enjoyable postpartum journey.

You will feel supported.  You will no longer feel so alone and overwhelmed.  You have your birth partner ready to support you no matter the pathway your journey to parenthood takes.  Plus, you have me!!! Cheering you on the whole way!


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