Hypnobirthing techniques

Hypnobirthing is a birthing method that helps expecting parents across Australia to prepare for the birth of their child by using hypnosis and stress-management techniques. It is there to be used by mothers and their birthing partners to feel better prepared physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through education, tools and techniques. 

 The main aim of hypnobirthing is to alleviate fear around birth and empower them with informed decision-making knowledge. It is highly evidence-based and made up of techniques and philosophies that have existed for many, many years. Hypnobirthing classes in Melbourne will give you the confidence and knowledge to help you  prepare for the birth you truly deserve.

How to learn hypnobirthing techniques?

Not all hypnobirthing courses and programs are the same because it can be an equally personal journey for the facilitator as it is for the participant.  Little Bird Flies hypnobirthing classes are some of the most comprehensive and popular hypnobirthing courses across Australia. When choosing a facilitator near you, make sure you are working with a certified Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner who is trained to our high Australian standards.

Hypnobirthing techniques

In addition to learning how to labour effectively and efficiently through the physical body, and understanding optimal labour and birth positions, hypnobirthing programmes teach you the importance of the mind-body connection and the importance of utilising  techniques such as self-hypnosis, deep relaxation, and deep breathing.

Once you’ve learnt the methods, you’ll be able to utilise them to help you focus and concentrate entirely on your body and your baby. IN doing this we are allowing our mind and body to work together. Hypnobirthing can be utilised in any birth environment, with or without pain medication, and can be incorporated into any birth plan.

  • Controlled breathing techniques 

Breathwork helps us to not only relax and oxygenate our labouring body effectively, but it also puts us back in the driver’s seat.  It is a powerful way for us to gain control during a contraction, and provide purpose. Breathing techniques can really help you to take back the birthing experience. It is a technique that helps us to respond positively to the pain of labour, and if practiced properly can reduce anxiety and tension throughout our entire body.  Deep breathing techniques such as the relaxation and surge breathing techniques Little Bird Flies teaches you will help you to stay present, be mindful of the incredible process that is birth and give you the courage and strength to continue to surrender the amazing sensations within your body.

  • Positive focus and energy

It is known that a focus on positive thoughts and words has been able to help with anxiety and fear around childbirth. We also know that the way we speak and perceive birth is pertinent to creating a safe space for a positive and empowered birth to grow. Hypnobirthing Australia teaches the ways of positive visualisation, affirmations  and techniques so that we can create and condition new neural pathways around labour and birth that are positive and empowering.  

  • Guided meditation and visualisation 

Meditation teaches you to centre your mind in a particular place and time,in doing this we can significantly help relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. This kind of practice teaches us how to reposition the mind from a stressful place to a place of peace and relaxation.  

  • Self-hypnosis 

The concept that the body achieves what the mind thinks is one of the most essential aspects of hypnobirthing. One crucial approach in hypnobirthing is to practise self-hypnosis.  Self-hypnosis is the quickest way to access our sub-conscious mind and create new neural pathways around birth.  Pathways that ensure our labouring hormones flow in abundance and show our body that we are safe and capable of anything.  We want to fire and wire our mind around birth in a positive light so that when it comes to our birthing day our mind and body is not afraid to let go and surrender to the incredible feat that is labour and birth.  

  • Pain and fear management 

You will  learn how to naturally and independently manage pain and stress hormones by releasing endorphins and utilising a range of tools and techniques that will help reduce and relieve stress and tension throughout your body   You will also learn how to manage and release any negative emotions and fears around birth.  By releasing these negative thoughts and fears we can allow our body to labour naturally and with greater ease.

The types of hypnobirthing classes are available

  • Face to face hypnobirthing classes

These hypnobirthing classes are for expecting parents who want to have a hands-on learning experience with a certified Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner. You have the choice of joining a group course or private one-on-one sessions. 

  • Covid-safe classes via live webinar 

Modern technology has allowed practitioners  to offer hypnobirthing Australia’s Positive Birth classes online via live webinars with parents who prefer to do them from the comfort of their own homes. No matter where you are in Australia, you can sign up to learn hypnobirthing tools and techniques with Little Bird Flies. This online and interactive group course takes twelve hours in total to go through the entire Hypnobirthing Australia™ Positive Birth Program. If preferred, this class can also be done in a group or private session. 

  • Hypnobubs online own pace learning 

The Hypnobirthing Australia™, Positive Birth Program, offers an alternative learning option for couples with demanding schedules that make it challenging to attend regular classes. Hypnobubs Australia’s complete online course is specially designed for mothers & birth partners preparing for a positive and empowered birth but unable to make it to classes. These classes allow for learning the same basic concepts and preparation techniques online but  at your own pace.  You then have the option of adding on a 90 minute or 3 hour private session with Melissa at Little Bird Flies to go through anything of your choosing.

If you still have some questions, feel free to give us a call at Little Bird Flies, and we can discuss our range of courses that cater to any schedule and any learning pace. We offer hypnobirthing classes in Melbourne. And you can take online classes from anywhere in Australia – Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Townsville, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Central Coast, Geelong, Newcastle, Canberra, and Wollongong.

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