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The problem with the mainstream approach to birthing classes is that they place a lot of emphasis on everything that could go wrong. Our guided hypnobirthing classes in Ballarat will do the complete opposite. With Little Bird Flies, you’ll learn about what it takes to create a positive birthing experience in a way that is completely natural for YOU. You already have the power within you to do it – all we’ll do is give you specialist attention and guidance to unleash it. Hypnobirthing teaches you to listen to your birthing body and follow its natural lead when it comes to delivering your child, empowering, and educating women (and their birthing companions) about the birth process. There’s nothing more comprehensive than this course to help you with what to expect and what questions to ask so that you can achieve the birth you desire. Call us now for Hypnobirthing techniques and skills to better your chances for an upbeat delivery.

Is Hypnobirthing just used during labour and birth?

Classes in hypnobirthing can also be used throughout the pregnancy to help you remain calm. This has a wonderful domino effect because when you are calm, happy, and content – so is your baby. Hypnobirthing techniques can also be used after the baby is born too. Both mums and dads can continue to use their relaxation techniques to help them remain focused and calm in stressful situations. Little Bird Flies does not guarantee that you will experience pain-free labour. But we are firm believers that extreme pain does not need to be a normal accompaniment to labour. Using the expert techniques and doula-guided support we offer will help you to feel more relaxed and calmer.

Little Birds Flies classes are designed to accommodate everyone!

It is such a privilege for us to be able to work with women on their journey to motherhood and meet them at whatever stage they are at. We aim to give you all the support you need during this time and that’s why we offer various ways to book a class. 12 hours of pregnancy, labour, and birth education all in the comfort of your own home every Wednesday Evening 6.30-9.30pm!!  Hypnobirthing Australia™’s Positive Birth Course will prepare you with all the knowledge, tools and support you need to have a positive and empowering birth experience. Learn how to work with your body, ask questions and be key decision-makers throughout your entire pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 

Ballarat birthing partners – we’re here for you!

Little Bird Flies is here to help you to surrender and to bare your birthing roar, whether that be through one of our Positive Birth classes or in other support structures. You can also call on Melissa for birth or postpartum doula support or just through a one-off chat or consult to nut out all your pregnancy, birth and postpartum questions. Parents’ and their baby’s needs will be met in a safe and nurturing environment and all with multidisciplinary care. Childbirth is the beginning of a transformation like no other. It sees you in your rawest form, in your ultimate power and these classes will only help encourage this. 

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