Hypnobirthing Classes Launceston

Techniques to move calmly through each stage of labour

Little Bird Flies was founded by Melissa – a registered Nurse/Midwife, certified birth and post-partum Doula and Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner.  She is a qualified birth keeper, mentor, and Optimal Maternal Positions (OMP) Ambassador. If you’re looking for personalized support in your hypnobirthing classes in Launceston, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Little Bird Flies, there is already a strong belief that every woman can be a birthing Goddess; it just takes a little breath, a little unravelling, and a little love. Little Bird Flies isn’t just here to give you guided hypnobirthing support. We also offer doula offerings in Launceston. Mums, dads, birth givers and birthing partners from all walks of life are welcomed with open arms here. You will be given the tools to unlock the innate capabilities already within you in more ways than one…

Little Birds Flies classes are designed to accommodate everyone!

HypnoBirthing® is based on the work of concerted science and study that came to realise how fear affects birth. It came to realize that there is a syndrome known as fear-tension-pain. When you understand how your body reacts during labour and birth, then you’ll know how to activate positive physical and mental reactions that help ease you into the sensations. Through Little Bird Flies’ well-thought-out programme of deep relaxation, special breathing techniques, visualisations, affirmations, and education, you’ll start your journey to an empowered birth. Birthing couples will prepare and practise for an easier, more comfortable birth – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

When should I start taking hypnobirthing classes?

Little Bird Flies’ Melissa generally suggests taking one of our hypnobirthing classes from anywhere between 20-32/34 weeks gestation; allowing you time to practice and take in all the knowledge, tools and techniques that you and your birth partner learn in class.  In saying that, she has taught women who are 15 weeks pregnant and women who are 38/39 weeks pregnant and all of them have benefited from the Positive Birth course immensely in their own way.

Here are your options in Launceston

Virtual Hypnobirthing Classes

Melissa only offers contact classes in Melbourne, but she is also able to provide virtual courses to anyone, anywhere! And that includes you in Launceston! There’s no reason for you to try and go it alone. Sign up now and you can enjoy Melissa’s guided support even from the safety of your own home. There is also an alternative learning style for couples and expecting mothers who have demanding schedules to work around. Hypnobubs is equally as effective even though it is experienced via a digital platform. The best thing is that you decide the pace, and this can be a great convenience for busy mums. 

90-minute consult

Outside of our usual hypnobirthing classes, you are also welcome to give us a call to schedule a 90-minute session with Melissa. You can ask her every question that is worrying you and she can guide you in a number of ways including:

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