Hypnobirthing Classes Mornington Peninsula

Guiding you to unleashing your inner birthing goddess

Little Bird Flies’ Mornington Peninsula Hypnobirthing course is designed to give you the tools to release the fears that you hold surrounding labour and birth. Releasing fear, and giving way to your natural power, can change your birthing experience in a major way. Approaching labour with unresolved feelings of fear and stress will already place your body in defence mode – which is counterproductive to a positive birthing experience. Once you learn how to practise hypnobirthing techniques, you’ll get into the flow of letting your uterus function as nature intended. In Melissa’s Hypnobirthing classes, you will learn this and other ways to regain the trust in your body and see that birth is something to be treasured rather than feared.

Yes – Hypnobirthing is for you!

One of many key hypnobirthing affirmations also emphasises that birth givers and their partners will prepare themselves to meet whatever turn the birthing takes. Knowing this already allows you to feel safe, calm, and empowered throughout your birth, regardless of how your baby decides to arrive. That’s right – we’re not selling an idealistic birth experience here. We’re guiding you and your birthing partner with the tools needed to remain calm, positive and in control. Whether it is with our online hypnobirthing classes or through any of our other offerings, you will learn to evaluate all the options given to you and to make an informed decision at every step of your pregnancy and birth experience. This should show you how hypnobirthing is perfect for anyone but here are a couple more signs that you’ll identify with the guided learnings available to you here:

Little Birds Flies classes are designed to accommodate everyone!

In Mornington Peninsula, you can sign up for highly interactive online classes. Melissa from Little Bird Flies will virtually give you practical and hands-on knowledge, tools and techniques to be explored in your preferred setting. You will also receive over $200 worth of Hypnobirthing Australia resources, including a comprehensive folio, course handouts, practice materials and visualisations. Part of the resources to help you through your journey towards a calm and empowering birthing experience is access to relaxation/self-hypnosis Mp3 tracks, downloadable music, birth videos and affirmations to download. You will also have access to all of these from your phone via Hypnobirthing Australia’s phone App. 

Let’s get to know each other

We embrace the philosophy that hypnobirthing classes should go beyond the techniques, it is also about discussing birth options and your transition into parenthood. Outside of booking a class, you can also give us a ring to arrange a one-on-one 90-minute session with Melissa. Here she can answer all of the questions that may be overwhelming you and provide practical support for your labour and birthing process. Proper and qualified support throughout this journey is of the utmost importance and Melissa aims to do everything in her power to give you this. Mums and their birthing partners are guaranteed to gain far more than simply labour skills and techniques, as we’ll cover life with a new baby, too.

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