Hypnobirthing Classes Newcastle

Classes in Newcastle that help give you an empowered birth

Hypnobirthing isn’t a magical switch of the mental state. It teaches you to use your inner resources to work with everything involved in birth. This will help you understand the delivery process so they can help the baby into the world instead of resisting the labour journey. Your labour will be much less traumatic if you learn how to deal with any fear or anxiety you may have around birth. Join our group, private or digital classes to learn how to understand your body and what it will go through. We’ll equip you with the knowledge of various relaxation techniques to relax your body before and during labour and birth, which is more likely to prep you for a positive birth experience.

Here are your options

Hypnobirthing VIRTUAL classes
Hypnobirthing Classes VIA Live Webinar (COVID SAFE)
Even though Melissa offers contact classes in Melbourne, technology and extensive knowledge allow her to provide virtual courses to anyone, anywhere!
Hypnobirthing OWN PACE classes
Hypnobubs Online Classes (own pace learning)
There is also an alternative learning style for couples and expecting mothers who have demanding schedules to work around.
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Little Bird Flies classes are designed to accommodate everyone!

Melissa is a Hypnobirthing class facilitator that is always willing to give participants the best and most consistent support for the entire journey. She hosts a range of classes that can suit anyone’s schedule or preference.

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