9 minutes of breathing down and Freddie was born!

Talee and Rob attended one of my Positive Birth Workshop Weekends last year (2022). Talee then went home and put in the hard yards preparing her mind and body for labour. She continued to instill trust and belief in herself and her baby Freddie and that together they would create the birth of her dreams.

Kelly’s Caesarean Birth.

Kelly advocated like a bad ass, she had so much faith and trust in her body and worked integratively with alternative practitioners to help give her and her baby the best chance for a vaginal birth.
At 41+6 days gestation, baby Jordan was still not engaged in Kelly’s pelvis. Kelly felt rushed by her care providers and with scare ridden informatino being provided to her she found it incredibly hard to stand her ground and listen to her intuition, body and baby the closer she got to 42 weeks gestation. Kelly and I have chatted and worked through her pregnancy and birth together, she is still navigating and feeling the thick of her emotions but little by little the acceptance grows of the outcome her journey took.

Loren and Pete’s magical birth of baby Frankie!

Meet Loren, Pete, Frankie and Alfie!!
Loren and Pete joined my Positive Birth Course in October, 2022 and welcomed little Frankie into the world in January this year.
Loren navigated her pregnancy beautifully and whilst it felt quite overwhelming at times wen being confronted with certain areas of our system that arent so conducive to our childbearing rights, she stayed in her power, asked questions and made the safest decisions for her and Frankie.

Jayme-Lea and Declan’s Birth Story

Declan and I did a hypnobirthing course with the wonderful Melissa at 27 weeks gestation. We both learnt so much and started to put things into practice…

Marzia and Rob’s Birth Story

My first birth was a complete whirlwind and total shock to the system….for our second we decided to go with the complete opposite and soak up all the information and knowledge we could.


I have been blessed with knowing Melissa for over a decade. It was a simple decision to make to have her help us prepare for Leila’s birth.