Little Bird Flies – Birth and Beyond

Course Options

Twelve hours of practical and hands-on knowledge, tools and techniques to be explored in the company of other expecting parents and individuals. You will receive over $200 worth of Hypnobirthing Australia resources

Price: $550
Duration 12hrs

You can also enjoy the same benefits of a group class in a more secluded setting. The private course also includes twelve hours of one-on-one guided coursework, and it can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Price: $995
Duration 12hrs

This online and interactive group course is run over 4 x 3hr live zoom sessions where Melissa will teach the entire Hypnobirthing Australia™ Positive Birth Program. A private online webinar is also an option!

Price: $550
Duration 12hrs

There is also an alternative learning style for couples and expecting individuals who have demanding schedules to work around. Hypnobubs™ complete online course is especially designed for childbearing individuals and birth partners preparing for a positive and empowering birth but unable to make it to classes.

Price: $199 Plus
Duration 6hrs+

Positive Birth Course Refresher

If you have completed Hypnobirthing Australia’s Positive Birth Course before but feel like you need a little brush up on your tools and techniques and a reminder of how to ask questions, advocate for yourself and prepare for your next lil bub then a 3hr refresher course with me is what you are looking for!!

Price: $295
Duration 3hrs