Little Bird Flies – Birth and Beyond

Take Back Birth

Whats the greatest lesson a woman should learn?
That since day one. She’s already had everything she needs within herself. It’s the world that convinced her she did not.”

– rupi kaur

Birth is vulnerable.

Birth is courageous.

Birth is just as much about working with your mind as it is with your physical body. Get them to work together in harmony and BINGO- you have the dream team!!!

As time has passed, decades and centuries have long gone, we have distanced ourselves further and further away from our truest selves. We have lost our ability to birth instinctively, we have evolved in to sophisticated human beings that live in a constant state of fight or flight.
We no longer share beautiful stories of birth, we are bombarded with fear around birth from all parts of our life- social media, Hollywood, friends, family…the list could go on. We then introduce a medical system that is time poor, policy and legally driven and we see the saddening effects on the daily.

And yes….how truly lucky are we to have such an incredible medical system if we need? But, lets start treating birth how it should be treated…as a normal physiological journey of a childbearing person.
Let’s build childbearing people up. Let’s believe in them so that they believe in themselves. Let’s help them to understand their mind and their bodies so they have the best chance possible to labour and birth naturally and undisturbed.

Our biggest superpower is our intuition and knowledge is our best friend.

If you can find yourself a birthing class that will help you to rediscover your truest self: one that works with your mind and your body and doesn’t just tell you about all the pain relief options and interventions that might occur without building you up and helping you integrate the two together, you are going to be well on your way to a positive and empowering birth experience!

Spend time learning how you can create an atmosphere that allows you to labour and birth undisturbed: one that is filled with love, sexy as ferk mood lighting, and an aura of calm that nurtures safety and peace. A calm environment is not about being all “hippy, dippy” its about understanding the scientific evidence and understanding that the hormones of labour only come out to play in full force if they feel safe and loved. Oxytocin isn’t just named “the hormone of love” for no reason its also not called the “shy hormone” for shits and gigs either.

Birth is one of the hardest, most trying and yet gratifying and joyful moments of a person’s life!! Don’t be scared to bare all (pun not intended!!). Don’t be afraid to go against the grain: fill yourself with all the knowledge and ask the hard questions,

Sink deep, believe in yourself.
Sink into your breath as you breathe in with your surge, Feel the energy flow through your body,
listen to its whispers,
thank it for its almighty strength and wisdom
lean into its needs and desires,
move your body,
groove your body,
and don’t forget to praise your body.
Find your place of complete surrender. And, when you think you cannot surrender any further, take a breath and let go just a little bit more.

Your birth is your story to tell!

How would you like your story to be told?